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I am available for school, library, church, and homeschool visits. Currently, I am only conducting classroom sized presentations. My sessions are up to 50min in length and include elements of the following:

- A Read-Through of one of my Picture Book 'Dummies', allowing the kids to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process of book making.

- Drawing Exercises where students can copy one of my characters or vehicles, or I help them design their own. 

- Collaboration. We work together to come up with a story setting or character design, exploring the beginning stages of worldbuilding.

- Sharing. I show a range of artwork and ideas I've produced over my lifetime, from early drawings all the way to current sketchbooks. I also talk about what goes into my workday as an author/illustrator. This gives the children an idea of the journey to becoming a professional creative.

- Q+A. One of the best parts of any visit is to hear from the kids. Fielding questions and comments is not only a great way to answer their ponderings, but it allows me a chance to connect with each child more directly.


Access to classroom projector.



1 Presentation: $170 - 2 Presentations: $300 - 3 Presentations $400

Additional fees for travel and lodging may occur for visits out of Olympia, Wa area.

(Note: If your school or organization is unable to budget for the requested fee, please feel free to contact me for potential discounts.)

Inquire for availability at:

Connecting with kids in person or by screen is one of the best parts of a career in Children's books. Though I have many years of experience working in schools and with youth, being able to continue working with children is a joy.

I love to discover what kids are passionate about and try to encourage them in it. It's a wonderful feeling to not only share what I enjoy, but to help spark their interests into something that will become a wonderful journey for them.

While giving a professional level of presentation, I try and be as authentic as possible, reminding my audiences of the similarities we share. We can all be filled with wonder at the world around us, and there are many ways to put that into what we pursue.

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